CROSSFIt Classes

Everyday is a new, challenging mix of movements guaranteed to improve your fitness while making you faster, stronger and leaner.

We combine dumbbells, gymnastics, barbells and cardio movements with expert coaching to try and make this the best hour of your day.

We also follow dedicated strength cycles that give you a chance to improve or practice your barbell skills.

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Fundamentals Training

Don’t worry, we won’t just throw you into the fire without teaching you what you need to know. In fact, to do the exercises safely and correctly, we know it’s critical you learn the basics.

We believe that working one-on-one with our coaches will provide you with the skillset to integrate properly into our CrossFit classes and beyond.


Personal Training

Spending some quality time one-on-one with your coach is a great opportunity to improve those few things you’ve been meaning to work on or to tailor a plan specific to your needs, experience, body mechanics, goals, likes and dislikes.

We can direct you down a path where you’ll be more likely to maintain the habit and see results.

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Zone on your own

Can’t make it in to our Victoria, BC gym? No problem.

Our coaches will help develop a plan specific to your needs, experience, body mechanics, goals, likes and dislikes while considering the equipment you have available.

We will set you up with a TrueCoach account. This a training software that is very easy to use and allows constant communication between you and your coach.


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ALex mueller - the boss

Alex has always strived to live a physically active, well rounded lifestyle. She participated in sports all her life including ballet, soccer, and varsity rugby at the University of Victoria. Alex came across CrossFit while rehabbing from a back injury and immediately fell in love with it. The variety of movements and workouts, as well as the camaraderie of the community were infectious. Alex quickly realized the positive affects that CrossFit had on her overall fitness, social life, and well-being and has since strived to provide others with the same positive experience she has had.

Bachelors of Recreation and Health Education from the University
of Victoria

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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Dan Schafer - coach

Dan Schafer is half scientist, half fitness sherpa. He approaches health and fitness with an "anyone can do it" attitude and helps guide his athletes to understand that getting what they want from training is not as complicated as some think. He has been working in a gym environment for over a decade and has been coaching CrossFit for seven of those years. Dan’s experience ranges from training competitive athletes to gold medals at national and world championships to helping your grandma be able to work harder in the garden. Both rave about his ability to adapt training appropriately while still making progress.

CrossFit L1 & L2

CrossFit Weightlifting


Ray Hogdkinson - coach


CrossFit L1 & L2


Sean Bruce - coach

Prior to coming to the Zone, Sean primarily participated in recreational sports and competed in the occasional triathlon. He considered himself to be in good shape and, like so many other athletes, thought that long distance races, like Ironman and triathlon, produced the fittest athletes. His wife introduced him to CrossFit and he soon realized that there is more to being in shape than long distance cardio. In fact, the completion of his first CrossFit workout , Sean came to the quick realization that this was a sport and lifestyle he wanted to pursue. Since then he has worked hard to become part of the Zone team coaching Classes and Gymnastics.

CrossFit L1

CrossFit Gymnastics

Kettlebell & Olympic Weightlifting Specialty Courses


Rebecca Tranter - coach

Bex has been a member of the Zone Coaching Team since 2015 and a member at the Zone since 2012.

CrossFit L1

We are located at 708 Pembroke Street Victoria, BC

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